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Simplicity, convenience, and client relations are the backbone of IDS. We strive to provide food and beverage corporations, entertainment venue managers, and restaurateurs with a “dog-gone” easy solution for mobile ordering and point-of-sale integration.

We build trust, confidence, and reliability with our clients and give them our word on everything we provide for them.

Our list of clients is growing and the relationships we have established are strengthening. Contact us today and understand what we are all about!

Dietrich Diehl - Contact

President and VP of Operations

Dietrich is the doer and leader; growing up surrounded by the buying and selling of commercial real estate, his skillset ranges from project management to logistics.

Andrew Wegner - Contact

VP of Finance & Product Design

Andrew is the number cruncher and ideas guy; math wiz and pianist since the age of five, he enjoys tackling problems and creating solutions with his ideas.

Chris Behrens - Contact

VP of Sales & Marketing

Chris cultivates relationships; open and honest, he projects an inviting aura with everyone he meets.

Sean David Cheung - Contact

VP of Internal Affairs

Sean is the mediator; with a background in psychology and extensive cultural exposure he is apt for developing great company culture.

Stephen Akiki - Contact

VP of Technology

Steve is the builder; developer by day and hacker by night, he has been programming and developing software since birth.

Brad Lynch - Contact - (980) 200-4809

Senior Sales Rep.

Brad is a listener; a Kansas native and a seasoned sales professional with over eleven years of sales experience.

Randy Roth


Randy is the President & CEO of Vitex, Inc., he has over 34 years of computer and technology experience, including 28 years in the banking industry. He has always been involved with leading edge technologies and their practical application in business.

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